Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without. ~ Boyd K. Packer

When we bought this little summerhouse, there was this old picnictable standing in the garden. My first impulse was: ” We can throw that one out right away:” But what can I say…it grew on me. And then we kept on using it, as it fits quite some people on it and the money we have, we rather spend on other thing than garden furniture.

It got moved around from corner to corner and now for midsummer, it was the main stage of our celebrations. We sat here and ate, drank and had good conversations. So I decided to be realistic. We keep on using it as long as it lasts. So I went to buy some paint and upcycled it, made it all ours.

First I cleaned it off with a special solution to clear it from fungus, mold and everything else that made it look grey and sad.

Then I went over it with a polisher to smoothen out all the edges and surfaces. After that, it already looked so much better!

I bought a yellow oil paint for outdoor use. The painting itself was very uncomplicated. The only hing to consider is, that it takes quite a bit to dry through. between the first and the second layer of paint, I had to let it dry over 12 hours.

After putting on two layers of paint and leting them dry properly. I used a template for mandalas and light blue chalk paint to decorate it.

I’m very satisfied with the result and I’m happy that we kept the table.

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