There was no bathroom in the summerhouse…

“Sooo, where did you go to pee then?” you may think…Yeah well! Here in Sweden there is something called “utedass”. An outhouse with a bucket. It was okay for some time, but it turned into a problem for me when I had to go to the toilet in the middle of the night. The house is surrounded by forest…it’s almost pitch black…

Quite a while, we were looking for affordable compost toilets. And then we found one up close Gothenburg. It is a great and sustainable alternative to a water toilet.

We then decided to use the small storage/washing room that connects the part of the house we live in with the part that is used as shed.


I just simply took everything down they left in there and painted the room. On our vacation in Athens, we found a metal water tank to hang on the wall. Our plan is to fill this with water and build a simple sink connected to a 5 l canister to collect the water. That would be enough for us to wash our hands in.


The shelf to hold the tank, Martin built out of wood he found in the attic. I’m going to sew a small curtain to hide the canister.

No more going out in the dark, cold and creepy night 🙂