My Hair Journey


My hair… I’m blessed with really thick hair. It’s also growing super fast. Being so fortunate, made it possible for me to experiment a bit with it. I like to change the length and colour of my hair.

For many years, I had very long hair. Mainly because I felt like that’s the best way to look and feel female and attractive. Today I know, that’s rubbish.

People constantly mentioned how beautiful my hair is. I felt pretty but also pretty reduced. So I kept asking myself “What if I cut it off?” I mean…it’s just hair after all.

So one day ( I think I was 23 or so) I went to a hair salon and told them to cut off my hair up to shoulder length. And you wouldn’t believe how I had to fight for that. I almost left to find another Salon to get it done.


“What a shame”

“Such beautiful hair”

“Are you sure you won’t regret that tomorrow?”



That made me want it even more. Since then I changed my hairstyle quite often.

Sometimes long, sometimes short, sometimes natural (dark brown), sometimes purple, sometimes red. Here and there with fringe for a few weeks until I got annoyed by it.

My hair is very forgiving and I’m grateful for that. 🙂

About a year ago I did cut them quite short. Just a bit underneath my ears and I was the happiest.

But it came like it always does and I got bored. So the state right now is, that I let it grow out.

I don’t really want to give tips on how I dye or cut my hair, but I do both myself. Not anyhow close to professional. I’m just simply fearless when it comes to my own hair. Even if I wouldn’t like the outcome, I know it grows.


It doesn’t make you a different person. It might help you express certain things, but it doesn’t change your character.

It doesn’t define you as a woman. It’s what you have on the inside. And when you love yourself, you look gorgeous with long hair, a bob, a pixie or bold. And if you feel like a change, go for it! It’s your body.

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