Banksy’s Home Sweet Home

Last December, we went on vacation to Amsterdam. Loved the city!

But what made the biggest impression on me was the Mocco Museum. A museum of modern art.

Incredible Artist and a big part of the exhibition are art pieces of Banksy. For many years now I’m fascinated by street art. And Banksy is just eye opening.

There was this one piece hanging that I simply fell in love with. And I immediately saw myself going on the hunt for the perfect painting at Erikshjälpen. (Erikshjälpen is a big second hand store chain here in Sweden. You can find everything there!)

And I did find a painting. I paid 109kr (ca. 11€) for it.


I used acrylic paint, mixed with water to make it a bit runny. And then I tried to copy Banksy as good as possible.


I’m very pleased with the outcome and the fake Banksy is hanging in our kitchen since then.


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