The elephant foot

The previous owners left a lot of things in the house. One of those was a table in the living room that somehow did remind me of an elephant foot. and it was heavy as an elephant…

It totally didn’t fit to how we want the living room to look, but we also didn’t want to chuck it out since it is massive wood and seemed to be old craftsmanship. So we were brainstorming how we can rebuild it to reuse at least parts of it and keep that piece of history in the house where it belongs.

The tabletop was staying and we went out to find new feet for it to make it look less massive and give it a slightly modern touch. It was almost impossible to divide the foot from the top…it was made to last for eternity…

But Martin did it!


And under the tabletop, the craftsman that made this table put down his name and the year. We were so touched when we saw HOW old the table was. And unbelievably happy that we didn’t just simply chuck it out…


I used some gold spray paint I had left over from another project, to paint the feet of the new legs golden.

We were happy with the outcome and feel that we found a good compromise.


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