Summer of 2017…

A summer that made me feel like I’m a real adult. We bought a summerhouse. Not what some of you might have in mind. (A big house by the ocean with a white sand beach a backyard)

No, our summerhouse is a very swedish, red wooden house. It’s very rustic and that’s probably why we love it so much. The only luxury is, that it has power. So we can cook, we have light and a fridge.

If you’re someone that loves to shower every day, on the other hand, it could be difficult for you here. This house has no running water. We have a small stream right next to the house that we use for watering the plants, 20-liter tanks that we bring for cooking and a well in the garden that we will be able to use when we cleaned it properly.

It is as romantic as it can get and a mecca for people like Martin and me, that enjoy renovating and upcycle.

It is almost 200 years old and we said that we’re going to leave most of it just as it is and maintain. The interior we’re just changing on top of the original.

I can not describe how relaxed I am there. When I sit in the garden that is surrounded by a tiny stream and forest, I hear nothing but water, wind, and birds. Sometimes a deer (sometimes I tell myself that it could be a moose). It’s heavenly. After a stressful week in the city, there’s nothing better to refill the batteries than going to the summerhouse for a day or two and just nap, read, work in the garden and renovate.

I’m trying to catch up with posts about the things we fixed so far in the house.


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