Half a year before it was time to go for my old dog Paula, we adopted a four-month-old puppy. Mimi.

I mentioned it in a post before…Mimi helped us healing after Paula’s death. It took long, it was painful, but our little sausage makes life so worth living.

By now she’s already three years old. She is a funny mix of dachshund and chihuahua and probably something else. We say Chiweenie, which is a term that I’ve never heard before we got her.

She is so different compared to my old dog Paula. Mimi has a strong will and not much will to please. She is smart but not too keen to follow instructions or to full fill expectations.

She can do quite a few tricks, but she wouldn’t do it without the right bribe. She is probably the loudest dog I’ve ever met. No one can explain how the can create a sound so loud with her tiny 4 kg body.

We love her to pieces and try to be good and responsible dog parents. We’re constantly working on her behaviors and her skills and I will document some of that here I guess.

To stop annoying people on my own Instagram account, I created Mimi her own one. It’s called “Mimithechiweenie” if you want to see more of her šŸ˜‰ )



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