When we bought the house, the interior was… well… let’s say “functional”. One week after it was ours, I had a week of vacation that I spent in the house to make it more “Martin&Jenny”.

We wanted to reuse as much as possible. The previous owners left quite a bit of stuff. And most of it had potential. The old blue chairs that were used in that kitchen for many years until now, turned into nightstands in the bedroom.

Martin found old chairs on the attic. In very bad shape, but both of us saw what they can be when they get a little love.

And so I found myself sanding, painting and upholstering the chairs and the old bench. It was so much work, but absolutely satisfying.


The old table got a few layers of paint as well.


And there it almost looked like a brand new kitchen…


…but something seemed odd…

The WALLPAPER! Not my thing at all.

So, more painting. First, a base to assure that the actual color will cover properly. Then the blueish green paint. I was so happy with it. It was an intense week, but the changes were incredible without much money being spent.


The paint was a special offer at Rusta. The fabric was bought at Stoff&Stil. Here we chose one that had a good quality. We wanted it to fit the style of the house and last a while.